Coming out of the boho 70’s trend that’s been around for a while now, but much more colourful – we’re seeing lots of textured, shaggy vibes across food and event styling.

The queen of cake shag is Alana Jones Mann, whose Insty account features lots of wedding and birthday cakes in this style (who wouldn’t want a shaggy wedding cake?).

Kailo Chic also featured a stunning pom pom shaggy cake recently, with DIY instructions (yesss!). Use the no. 233 piping tip that we have in store to get the look. We also have couplers and disposable icing bags to make it easy for you to work in lots of different colours with a single tip, and of course we have lots of gel paste colours too.

Taking the shaggy look into parties, the Poppies for Grace streamer sets that we have in store are ah-mazing. Use them indoors or out to create a super-cool party backdrop.

And of course you’ll need a party outfit for your shagadelic party – check out the work of Rachel Burke, who has just this week launched a web store for her incredible tinsel jackets. Each one hand made in Australia. Need!

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