2017 has definitely been the Year of the Balloon, with script balloons and banners for every possible message you need to send, giant foil unicorns, mermaids and emojis popping up everywhere, iridescents and rose gold shiny balloons have arrived and of course… the BALLOON ARCH!!!

Balloon arches, or installations, have been a thing for a couple of years, ever since The House That Lars Built stunned us all with their baby shower balloon arch. There’s a fab DIY video for this:

Balloon arches have now gone next level and I’ve seen some amazing weddings, first birthday parties and corporate events styled with them, in every colour and incorporating confetti-filled balloons, marbles and foils.

So this year I’m inspired to incorporate balloon arches into my Christmas decor. This DIY from Kailo Chic creates a gorgeous balloon installation that is both a wall and tree decor – and also features on a cocktail trolley.

The DIY in both of these installations uses chicken wire, tape and a glue gun to create the arch, but there’s now a very simple way to create balloon arches without any fuss: balloon tape!

Using this magical tape you can simply inflate your balloons and slip the knot into the special holes punched into the tape. Your balloons will be securely held. Should you wish to add more layers, attach extra balloons using sticky dots. Twist the tape into your desired shape and hang it, attach it to a wall or drape it on your tree or table for a stunning balloon decoration!

We sell balloon arch tape online in a 3 metre length – just order multiples if you are really going for it and require a longer length. You can use hang your finished creation indoors or out, and it will sure to get lots of admiration!

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